Version: 1.121 – 11152005
System: Windows 2000/XP & OSX
Mentalray version: 3.4.99 (Maya 6.0/6.5/7.0/…)(Max 6.0/7.0/…)
Min Mental ray version: 2.1
File size: 731.4Kb

Mental Ray Lens Library Version 1.121

This Mentalray plug-in include 6 Lens shaders .
These node have 11 arithmetic for lens effect, which can be applied on Panoramic map and Fisheye effect .
MR DOF Lens plus was included in this plug-in .

Including 8 Panoramic arithmetic:

  1. Spherical map,
  2. Light probe map, 
  3. Cylinder map,
  4. Horizontal Cross Cubemap, 
  5. Vertical Cross Cubemap(Renderman), 
  6. NVIDIA Horizontal Cubemap,
  7. XSI Strip Cubemap and Division Cubemap .
  8. Division Cubemap

Other lens effect :

  1. Fisheye lens, 
  2. Dof lens plus, 
  3. Fisheye mr lens (old Fisheye Lens that come from Mentalray guide) .

Please view User Manual for detail .

Lens shaders

MR Lens Library V1.12

Related Information
The detail for Lens shader, please see Mentalray Reference Document in Maya’s Help .
You can visit Paul Debevec’s website for more information about Panoramic map .

User Manual(PDF)

Update Info

Version 1.121

  • Added new photograghic Fisheye Lens, I held and renamed the old Fisheye to Fisheye mr Lens .
  • Added MAC OSX versions .

Version 1.010

  • Added XSI strip Cubemap Lens .
  • Added 3D Studio MAX versions .

Version 1.002

  • Fixed the precision bug .

Version 1.001

  • First final version release .

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    • Sorry Demay, I didn’t reply you 2 years ago since I was busy on move to Canada and I closed old download site since then. Anyway if you still need it please let me know.

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